peace. love. crepes.

peace (n).
We hope the families affected by these times find freedom from trouble. Allow us to overcome the problems that life hands us. Let us survive, to live now, to have the courage to confront each day.

love (n)(v).
Let us love as a community. There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. Sometimes the simplest solution is taking action for the good of others.

crepes (n).
In the intimate community of Crepe Cafe Sisters, we care about people. In addition to extensive cleaning procedures already in place, here are the specific actions we are taking to ensure your safety:

  • We have asked our employees to stay home if they are not feeling well.​

  • Our trailer continues to operate as its own controlled environment. All cooking and serving utensils are kept inside behind our plexiglass windows that shut and separate us from the outside environment. 

  • Each day we sanitize all surfaces to the food trailer - door handles, POS terminals, the pens used by our guests and employees, the exterior serving counters, and light switches.

  • We encourage credit card use in an effort to minimize cross contamination.

  • We disinfect all menu covers with the highest proof rubbing alcohol between every guest use.

  • We have removed all community accessible products such as forks, knives, and napkins. They will be kept inside our truck and served as your crepe is received.

find peace. love others. eat crepes.