peace. love. crepes.

peace (n).
We hope the families affected by these times find freedom from trouble. Allow us to overcome the problems that life hands us. Let us survive, to live now, to have the courage to confront each day.

love (n)(v).
Let us love as a community. There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. Sometimes the simplest solution is taking action for the good of others.

crepes (n).
In the intimate community of Crepe Cafe Sisters, we care about people. In addition to extensive cleaning procedures already in place, here are the specific actions we are taking to ensure your safety:

  • We have asked our employees to stay home if they are not feeling well.​

  • Our trailer continues to operate as its own controlled environment. All cooking and serving utensils are kept inside behind our plexiglass windows that shut and separate us from the outside environment. 

  • Each day we sanitize all surfaces to the food trailer - door handles, POS terminals, the pens used by our guests and employees, the exterior serving counters, and light switches.

  • We encourage credit card use in an effort to minimize cross contamination.

  • We disinfect all menu covers with the highest proof rubbing alcohol between every guest use.

  • We have removed all community accessible products such as forks, knives, and napkins. They will be kept inside our truck and served as your crepe is received.

find peace. love others. eat crepes.

Our Story

Sweet. Savory. Simply Divine.

Two sisters, one dream. Ashley and Jessica (the sisters) became owners of the Crepe Cafe in 2015 by a whimsical chance and a leap of faith. When approached to purchase the business, the sisters were fresh out of college and becoming business owners together never crossed their minds. As they began discussing and dreaming about the possibilities, it was apparent pursuing Crepe Cafe was the only option. Ashley and Jessica will tell you that owning a business as sisters is the best decision they have ever made; with it comes adventure, challenge, and the priceless gift of spending more time with one another. It is Crepe Cafe Sisters mission to let our light shine before others. Our crepes are divine and the business is a source of financial support, but nothing compares to the Crepe Cafe Sisters and its love of family. 


The sisters’ slogan is “Sweet. Savory. Simply Divine.” The decision for such a slogan to represent the sisters and their business was intentional for two very specific reasons. First, it reflects the product they serve. Second, to emulate the dreams one woman held for each sister. Their Auntie Mo was a strong, stubborn woman who always encouraged Ashley and Jessica to never settle and always fight for their dreams. Although Auntie Mo passed before this dream became reality, the sisters will always carry a piece of her in their creperie. Other than being a stubborn woman, she was best known for her infamous phrase “simply divine.” What better way to honor their Auntie Mo than to place her in the forefront of their slogan? 


The sisters’ crepes are made from scratch; from their sweet Berry Nutty to their savory Oinker, every taste bud will be satisfied with their full menu. Crepe Cafe has a rich history and they only strive to add to its dynamic foundation. 


They operate out of a food trailer and cook all crepes on site to ensure freshness and entertainment. Feel free to contact us for your next event!


Daily Locations

With the addition of our new food trailer, Crepe Cafe Sisters is able to serve on a daily basis! Come see us at our weekly locations. We would love to serve you!

Bohemian | Tuesday 11AM-3PM

Liberty Lake | new location to come

Olmsted Park | Friday-Monday 8AM-4PM


Get our good side ;)


Ashley & Jessica celebrating inside their new food trailer!


Two Sisters. One Dream.


Three little lovelies. Amber. Jessica. Ashley. <3


Sweet. Savory. Simply Divine.


Gimme all the sweets :)


Farmers Markets

Kendall Yards Farmers Market | Not Currently Present

Spokane Valley Farmers Market | Fridays 5PM-8PM

Liberty Lake Farmers Market | Saturdays 9AM-1PM


2020 Event Calendar




Crepe Cafe Sisters would be thrilled to join you at your next event! Click below to view our catering details.


We have both sweet and savory menu items. Click below to view our catering menu options.



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